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Set Entropy

Using the fixed entropy version of Scripture Entropy should always output the same verse.

Using the additional entropy version of Scripture Entropy should always output a different verse.

In the additional entropy version, your word will still be passed in as entropy, along with additional entropy created from the current date/time, your mouse movements and keystrokes.

Scripture Entropy takes your chosen word and passes it as a seed into an rog [random number generator] which then randomly picks a book, chapter, and verse from the WEB [World English Bible] then retrieves that scripture from
Note that the verse [such as "Psalms 1:1"] is a clickable link that will direct you to the retrieved scripture on

It would be ill advised to take any output from Scripture Entropy any sort of 'divine message' (this is called 'Divination') or revelation as you are not getting truly random output from your chosen word, the output is still affected (or 'filtered', if you will) by the random number generator which was not designed for this usage.

My favorite scripture is not in this program, as the book of Sirach is not included in modern bible translations. A few of those are here at The Wisdom .

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Created by James T. Bytes.